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Whisper the Guns by Ed Cline
(Ed Cline is the author of Sparrowhawk)

What does a body found floating in Hong Kong's harbor have to do with the world tungsten market? American entrepreneur Merritt Fury learns the answer when he discovers that his business partnership is in fact a criminal conspiracy, the woman he loves is a deadly operative, and he himself is the conspirator's unwitting agent. 200 pages. Hardcover. $25

We are offering copies signed by the author while they last...

Virtues in Verse: The Best of Berton Braley

Berton Braley was an enormously popular versifier who wrote and published more than nine thousand poems. His poems are, as one reader says, ". . . afire with the benevolent glow of the American sense of life." This book also includes amusing, inspiring, and informative excerpts from Braley's memoirs. 176 pages. Softcover. Very limited supply. $35 SOLD OUT

I have a limited supply of Atlantean Press audio cassettes of Linda Abrams readings from this book. If you are interested in a free copy click here SOLD OUT



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