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Maurice Champagne. The Mysterious Valley. The Atlantean Press, 1994. This is the first and only English translation of Champagne's nearly forgotten story. Includes an introduction by Harry Binswanger and all of the original 131 Rene Giffey illustrations. In a 1962 interview, Ayn Rand said about childhood influences on her desire to become a writer, "The first thing that impressed me very much - and I am not emotionally indifferent to this day - was an adventure story in a French children's magazine called The Mysterious Valley…It had an enormous influence on me because it presented in complete form the sort of man I could admire. It was just an adventure - British officers in India - but written in a very heroic way. I mean heroic in my sense: not brutes, but men of ingenuity and intelligence. No work of literature has ever impressed me quite that much."   All of the regular and original hard and softcovers are now sold out.

                                       Hardcover - signed by the publisher and founder of the Atlantean Press, Patricia LeChevalier



Sold Out




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