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Prodos Interviews Andrew Bernstein: The Scoop on Swoop!

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The Ancient Greeks revered and venerated the highest and noblest in their lives. So they built temples to their newly created gods and adorned them with images of god-like men conversing with man-like gods.

Andy Bernstein in his new novel "Heart of a Pagan" gives us this Greek conception of a pious man. Like the Greeks, this man doesn't prostrate himself before gods representing the meek and humble, he seeks his reverence and veneration on the sweaty floor of a basketball gym in front of 2,500 people all yelling his name "Swoop! Swoop! Swoop!"

Swoop, like the pagan Ancient Greeks, turns his highest ideals -- courage, dedication, heroism-- into objects that should be worshipped and  exalted. When Swoop decides to play basketball at a small college in a Christian town the conflict of the novel begins, because as Swoop is fond of saying to these Christians "True services are at the gym."

Read this book to see how a truly reverent man can be a complete atheist, yet still pay his highest ideals the reverence due a god.

- Lee Sandstead

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