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.....It is about achieving his highest potential in the sport he loves, even in the face of seemingly impossible odds. Swoop expects notable deeds from himself and teaches others to expect them from themselves.

However, one cannot expect notable deeds from oneself if one lacks self-esteem and its emotional corollary: pride. Prior to Swoop’s arrival, the dominant view of Hoppo Valley is that of Man the sinner whose "pride goeth before a fall." However, for Swoop, Man is heroic and pride goes "before an ascension." Thus, it is against the backdrop of irreconcilable ideologies and their core premises about Man, existence, and the relationship between the two that Swoop’s pursuit of excellence takes place.

In pursuing excellence, "The Gods prize deeds…," and despite his statements, Swoop lets his actions on and off the court do most of the talking for him. In this way he demonstrates that motivation is more than the strength of one’s desires; it is dedication to realizing one’s desires in action. Dedication requires discipline, perseverance, and, most importantly, focus. Seeing your goal and the path to its achievement, then attaining it with deeds is the path of focus.

Whether soaring above defenders or showing others how to give flight to their own souls, Swoop, "seeing only rim," slam dunks down his own path to the roar of the achievers."

Scott J. Adams
Post-Doctoral Fellow - University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Department of Psychiatry


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