This item has been discontinued.
It is now being carried by The Ayn Rand Bookstore

This is a superb reproduction of the original oil painting, owned by Ayn Rand. It is a full-color, 14"x17" print (the same size as the original) on acid-free heavy weight paper of 100% rag content.


"Portrait of Ayn Rand exemplifies Ilona R.S.' method of representing a human face in the medium of light oil. The artist eliminates minor details. With a selective use of color, she skillfully depicts only those aspects of the features that are essential to her subject's individuality.

By emphasizing Ayn Rand's most striking feature - her eyes - the portrait captures an expression characteristic of her: intent, inquiring awareness combined with calm certainty."

- Mary Ann Sures

Charles Sures, Ayn Rand's long time friend and fellow stamp collector, related that, "Ayn Rand's favorite likeness of herself was the portrait by Ilona. On several occasions, I raised the subject of an Ayn Rand stamp. Miss Rand said that if a stamp were ever to honor her, she wanted the Ilona portrait to be used."


(A photograph of Ayn Rand's signature is printed in the lower left hand corner of a white border surrounding the print. The signature and border are not part of the original portrait. This print is copyright The Estate of Ayn Rand and is sold by The Paper Tiger with permission of The Estate.)




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